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StiMus Hydrogel Electrode : Rehabilitation
Stimus Hydrogel Electrode is a high-quality electrode for low-frequency stimulation manu
factured by Hurev Co., Ltd. The materials used in the product are composed of components 
harmless to human body (have number of relevant certificates), made with various types and 
can be used according to the purpose of applications (application site, application equipment, 
etc.). In addition, custom-made production can be done according to customer preferences 
using equipment which can apply variety of designs.
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Item Content
Main Usage Electrode used to give electrical stimulation signal for the rehabilitation of paralyzed muscles by
attaching to the surface of the body utilizing adhesion power of Hydrogel
Used in connection with the equipments such as TENS, NMES, EMS, FES, etc
Major raw material
Conductive material : Carbon sheet, Hydrogel
Backing material : Non-woven fabric, PE Foam
Leadwire : PVC jacket Carbon wire (20 Safety DIN Connector)
Characteristic of
the product
Can be used for long period of time by using Hydrogel which satisfies biocompatibility
and has excellent re-adhesion capability
Use flexible material to facilitate attachment to the surface of curvy body
OEM, ODM production can be made with various designs according to user request
Product Picture
Special Type A,AP Type B,BP Type
Special Type A,AP Type B,BP Type
Special Type A,AP Type B,BP Type
Special Type A,AP Type B,BP Type
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