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AgmaSplint : ONE-STEP TYPE AND ROLL TYPE BACTERIOSTATIC AND DEODORANT AgmaSplint can protect the damaged muscle through overlaped and reinforced glass fiber and it adds to new characteristics?bacteriostatic and deodorant properties.
자동심실제세동기용 전극
자동심실제세동기용 전극
Item Content
Advantages Bacteriostatic And Deodorant Effects
Variously Classified Products - One-Step & Roll Type : 12 Kinds
Strong Weight Bearing - It can prevent from twisting in long-leg treatment.
Feeling Comfortable - It will give you feeling comfortable by adopting high-quality non-woven fabric
Good Appearance
Easy Application
Light Weight
Application Choose the proper size product to the patient
Open the product, In case of the roll product, cut the roll product with scissors properly.
Dip the product in water for 3 or 5 seconds and squeeze water 3 of 4 times from the product.
Put the squeezed product on the towel and press the product in order to eliminate the remainder of water.
Put the product site and roll the product with elastic bandage.
Hydrogel Patch
MPO-3120 3inch x 12inch ( 7.5cm x 30cm )
MPO-3350 3inch x 35inch ( 7.5cm x 89cm )
MPO-4150 4inch x 15inch ( 10cm x 38cm )
MPO-4300 4inch x 30inch ( 10cm x 76cm )
MPO-5300 5inch x 30inch ( 12.5cm x 76cm )
MPO-5450 5inch x 45inch ( 12.5cm x 115cm )
Hydrogel Patch
MPR-2080 2inch x 5yds ( 5cm x 460cm )
MPR-3080 3inch x 5yds ( 7.5cm x 460cm )
MPR-4080 4inch x 5yds ( 10cm x 460cm )
MPR-5110 5inch x 5yds ( 12.5cm x 460cm )
MPR-6080 6inch x 5yds ( 15cm x 460cm )
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