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Life-On AED Electrode : Emergency
Life-On AED Electrode는 (주)휴레브에서 제조하는 자동심실제세동기용 전극입니다. 에너지 전달 
효율이 높은 원자재로 제조되며 세계유수의 자동심실제세동기에 호환될 수 있도록 다양한 
연결부(커넥터)를 적용하고 있습니다.
심전도 측정용 전극
신생아용 심전도 측정용 전극
혈중산소포화도 측정용 센서
뇌전도 측정용 금속 전극
근전도 측정용 전극
저주파 자극용 전극
저주파 자극용 실리콘 전극
자동심실제세동기용 전극
Item Content
Main Usage Electrode pad for defibrillation to measure ECG of the patients with heart failure by being
attached to body surface, and to be give defibrillation shock to remove Ventricular Fibrillation
Used in connection with AED (Automated External Defibrillator) or manual Defribrillator
Major raw material
Conductive material : Ag/AgCl sheet, Hydrogel
Backing material : PE Foam
Compatible with Physio Control, Schiller, Cardiac Science...
Characteristic of
the product
Use Ag / AGCI material which can make best possible ECG measurement and give Defibrillation
Minimize skin burn by enhancing the adhesion to body surface with the design
easy to be attached to the curved surface of the body
OEM, ODM manufacturing can be made in accordance with user requested design (currently under
OEM supply to MEDIANA NADOOM TECH which is a domestic AED manufacturing company)
OEM AED Pad OEM AED Pad OEM Training Pad
OEM AED Pad OEM AED Pad OEM Training Pad
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